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Hi! My name is Bianca. It's crazy to think of my life long battle with my weight! I was always active in high school and doing sports and theater none stop. By the time I went to college, I was underweight so I gained weight like crazy. Finally, I thought I had it all together just in time to leave college and join the real world. I was maintaining my weight during the first year out of college but then I switched jobs and it all went downhill quickly.

My previous job was high stress and fueled by sugar (candy, pop, you name it - I ate it!) and I was surrounded by negativity. It was not an area to grow. A girl that I worked with told me about FXB and that it was a great group environment and to try it out. So I signed up for the January session in 2013 and remember thinking "This is not going to be my cup of tea". I went to all my classes and at 5 weeks, I was already down 10 lbs. I thought "Maybe this is it, my true turning point". I was hooked and loved coming to class every day and found an extra burst of energy in my day. I loved not having to eat sugary crap at 2pm every day. At the end of my 10 weeks, I was down 20lbs total and was jumping with joy!

I continued my journey because there was more to come and I had a ways to go. I started instructing and coaching and really getting into health and fitness more every day. Now exercise is what keeps me sane! I love working out! I understand that my body is most important and that I am what I eat. This has been the best thing I have every done to turn my life around and kick start my body. Not only am I healthier but I have met so many wonderful people through this that are life-long friends, and I continue to meet so many amazing people!

I was introduced to FXB about 3 years ago. My dad was having gastric bypass surgery, and my sister and I decided that we never wanted to let our weight get that far out of control. My sister and my brother-in-law joined Farrell’s in Cedar Falls. Meanwhile, I was in Springfield at school and decided to join a group fitness class. Over the next few months, I watched my sister and my brother-in-law drop weight, become obsessed with health, nutrition, and their FXB family. I did not initially understand their obsession. I was going to the gym, but I was not seeing the same kind of results they were. After visiting their gym, I was sold. I wanted to go to a Farrell’s.

Once I moved to Peoria in August of 2011, I started looking at possibly joining Farrell’s but once again thought, I would try losing the weight on my own. After a second failed attempt, I joined Farrell’s in January of 2012. I signed up for the 5am class because it was the only class that would fit my schedule regularly. My family was skeptical that I would actually get up and go to class every morning, but I did it! During my first 10 weeks I lost 13 lbs, and I have continued to steadily lose weight ever since. It has now been almost 11 months and I have lost 32 lbs. I have gained so much more though! My ability to make it through a class has improved substantially, I am able to do push-ups from my toes (something I had never been able to do before), and for the first time, I ran a mile in 10 minutes at the beginning of August. In 8 months, I cut 5 minutes off of my mile time! Farrell’s has taught me to look at more than just a number on the scale, but to look at the bigger picture, my overall wellness!

After I finished my first 10 weeks I knew I wanted to instruct, but I was scared to get in front of the class. It took me until August to finally find the confidence to lead my first class, and I never would have done it without the encouragement and support from the FXB staff. It is an honor to be a part of the FXB family, and I look forward to helping people in their FXB journey as a coach and instructor!


Raeann coaches at 5am!
Q:: How has FXB affected/changed our life?
A:: I joined FXB back in July of 2016. I know I needed to do something. I was feeling very discouraged about myself. It seemed like I worked out all the time but was not seeing results. I felt tired and just felt like giving up. Until I started listening to the ads on the radio about how Farrell's can help you transform your body and talking to others who have been through it. So I joined and now 15lbs lighter with logs more energy and discipline on my nutrition, I couldn't be happier. I met and keep meeting great people and they truly become your FXB family.
Q:: Why did/do you want to become a coach?
A:: To inspire others, to let them know we all are afraid of not achieving our goals. To help them to not give up. To motivate them. Encourage them. I am a people person and fully of energy. I love being strong and positive for others. It helps me to be a better person as well.
John co-coaches at 6am with Janet and Michelle!
Q:: How has FXB affect your life?
A:: I was in the worst shape of my life, I couldn’t even fit in my “fat guy” clothes anymore. That gym membership I was paying for wasn’t being used. I needed a change, I needed something different. A good friend of mine told me about Farrell’s and shared his success story so I signed up for the 10 week session. After the first class I came home telling my wife how great a workout it was. Ten weeks later all my old clothes fit, my blood pressure was down, and the doctor even attributed my lower heart rate due to me ‘being in such good shape’. Farrell’s helped me achieve my goals, improve my self-esteem, and gain some lifelong friends.
When I signed up for the 10-Week Challenge at FXB back in March 2015, I was looking for a quick fix. Every year I gained and lost the same 10 pounds even though I really wanted to lose 20. I was a master dieter, but never seemed to stick with anything longer than a few months. FXB was going to be just the next short-term fix. The 5 a.m. class was the only one I could fit into my schedule, and I was barely able to pry my eyes open those first few mornings. As long as I was going to get up that early, I decided I might as well go all-in and completely revamp my nutrition and start drinking more water – after all, it was only 10 weeks, right? It was hard, but with the incredible support and encouragement of my FXB coaches and new friends (not to mention the awesome kickboxing workouts, which are fun and surprisingly cathartic!), I stuck with it. Although I only lost a few pounds during those first 10 weeks, I was definitely transformed: I lost a lot of inches, my body fat went down, and I found myself fitting into clothes I hadn’t worn in years. Best of all, I was stronger, faster, more energetic, and I felt great! After that initial 10 weeks I decided to keep it up a little longer to see if I could keep things moving in the right direction.

Flash forward to today and things are still cruising along in the right direction. My original fitness and weight loss goals have all been achieved, and the funny thing is, weight loss has become an afterthought. I no longer force myself to keep plodding along on that treadmill or subject myself to the latest diet trends. In fact, I no longer worry about gaining or losing weight at all: my focus now is on becoming stronger, healthier, and more energetic each day. I became an instructor so I could help others achieve their goals just as everyone in my amazing, inspiring FXB family has helped me achieve mine. What started off as a 10-week quick fix has transformed into a whole new lifestyle, and I truly love kicking each day off to a great start at FXB

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